Wilhelm Reich

La distruttività post-encefalitica e il farabuttismo dialettico nelle strategie di comunicazione

Il male è materia medica non materia morale o teologica

Zanclea nella villa dei misteri di Pompei antica (free download of the book)


Orgonomic Psychiatry

By Nicola Glielmi

Reich’s work on the structure of patients under analysis and his research on the causes on the onset and the maintenance of the symptoms they show, at first confirmed the importance of the disturbance of the sexuality, as already pointed out by Freud (at least at the beginning). Later on, after the tentative to understand the physiological substrate of the phenomena connected to anxiety and pleasure, Reich realised how such experiences are antithetic and how can be considered the psychological aspect of a tangible energetic movements inside the organism: from the periphery to the core, in the case of anxiety (contraction), and from the core to the periphery in the case of pleasure (expansion).

The anatomic substrate of these events was identified in the “plasmatic system” consisting of the autonomous nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) and the vascular system. These studies highlighted a fundamental aspect that was completely neglected by the traditional medicine of the time and namely the pulsation of any living system. More…

The Armoured World

Reich claimed that to understand any function was necessary to find a Common Functioning Principle (CFP) which the function originates from. The CFP is larger and deeper than its variations. These latter, therefore, can not transcend it and their potential development is not infinite, but limited to and defined by the original function. It does not matter how much the functions, that are derived from a same CFP, can evolve and become more and more complex. More…