ORAC (Reich Orgone Accumulator)

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Preliminary study of ORAC

Orgonic Blanket

Orgonic Medicine

By Alberto Mazzocchi

The existence of a cosmic energy is known since ancient times. In India this energy, called Prana, was known in times much before the development of the greek-roman civilization in the Mediterranean.
The Chinese, always in distant ages, called Chi a vital energy that was supposed to pervade all living and non living matter of the universe.
In Japan the word Ki was meant to refer to a dynamic energy available in the universe, both in the mineral, vegetal, and animal kingdoms.
In the Jewish Kabbalah it was called Astral Light, concept that the Cristian culture later elaborated representing Jesus and the Saints surrounded by a halo of yellow light.
In Europe, Pythagoras around the 500 BC spoke about this energy as a luminous body that could produce different effects on the human organism.
Paracelsus many centuries later (around the XV century AD) called it Arqueo, defining it as a vital force and matter, and comparing it to an irradiating essence with beneficial effect on the human health. The concept that this energy could have peculiarities similar to those of a fluid and of the light was not forgotten at all over the centuries.
At the beginning of the last century Kilner, studying the energetic human field by coloured filters and screens, found layers of light surrounding the human body that defined as aura. He observed the characteristics of the light changed according to the age, sex, and health conditions. In ill people layers showed patches or gaps. More…